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Our Plan

We’ve heard it over and over again. The message is clear - change is needed to provide better care for Nova Scotians and to support and respect the people who work in the health system.

Action for Health is our plan to achieve this, with investments in people, tools, technology, and infrastructure – over the short and long term.

It also provides solutions for a completely different kind of healthcare experience and health culture for Nova Scotia – one that is proactive and focused on people and patients. It will require a new kind of relationship between the traditional healthcare system, providers, patients, communities, and partners. A system where people’s wider needs are supported to address the root causes of poor health and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Action for Health is the first step in transforming health in Nova Scotia. It will not be easy. It will be expensive. And it will not happen overnight. But we are willing to do the work and make the investments needed to give Nova Scotians the health system they deserve. Our plan highlights many – but not all – of the actions that will be taken over the next four years.

At the end of this journey, we will have true health transformation – for our generation and those who follow.


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Our Solutions

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Emergency Care Plan 

In January 2023, the government developed the Improving Emergency Care Plan - designed to move faster in ensuring those with the most urgent needs receive care sooner, improve ambulance response times, and provide more places for people to receive care.

About the Plan

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More, Faster: The Action for Health Build

On December 15, 2022, the Government introduced a comprehensive new plan for improving health services for Nova Scotians. The new approach will deliver the same scope of work but will do so by breaking the project elements into more manageable pieces, and by broadening the range of services in more locations throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. This will make it possible to tackle wait lists faster, will make access to care easier, and will enhance healthcare providers’ ability to respond to the individual care needs of patients.

Action for Health Build

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Seniors & Long-Term Care

We know the need for more long-term and continuing care supports will continue to grow with our aging population. Government is building and improving thousands of new long-term care spaces, investing in Nova Scotia’s continuing care workforce to support this expansion, and investing to help Nova Scotians stay in their homes longer. This work will allow older Nova Scotians to age well in their communities and access the right level of care, where and when they need it. 

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Office of Addictions and Mental Health

The Office of Addictions and Mental Health works with Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA), IWK Health Centre (IWK) and community partners to provide mental health and addictions education, prevention, treatment and recovery programs. We also promote mental health and wellbeing. 

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